Sea Shepherd Australia - Operation Jeedara

XAVIERR RUDD HQ 3 years ago

Hey guys. Here’s the latest news from Jeff Hansen, Director of Sea Shepherd Australia!

The gist: BP Wants to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight.

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Dear Team Ocean Defence,

In response to BP’s plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight, in waters deeper and rougher than the Deepwater Horizon disaster, we launched Operation Jeedara. I will personally join the 30-strong crew on Operation Jeedara, departing Williamstown, Victoria in early August on the MY Steve Irwin.  

As a member of the Great Australian Bight Alliance, Sea Shepherd will stand side by side with individuals and groups with a common interest, bonded by a desire to respect and protect our national treasures and to stop BP from exploiting and devastating the Great Australian Bight.

The talent, passion and dedication of the Alliance and of the team here at Sea Shepherd continues to inspire me. Each of us is critical to the success of Operation Jeedara. Each of us does the work of 10 BP employees, every day, because we are driven by passion and the preservation of life.

We are up against a massive company that has already spent millions of dollars on this project. There is a lot of work to do; to prepare the ship, train the crew and of course raise the funds to undertake the campaign. But, our movement is too strong to stop. Our passion for life will win over BPs passion for greed, and together we can, we must and we will protect the Great Australian Bight.

For the oceans

 - Jeff Hansen. Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia 


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